Walkathlon Multicolor double function

Unique BungyPump model with DUAL FUNCTION, use the built-in resistance of 4 kg or 6 kg or flip the locking mechanism and transform them into fixed hiking trekking poles. Use one pole for both walking, training, and hiking. Beginners and avid walkers. Weight loss, regular exercise, Nordic Walking, and hiking.

BungyPump Walkathlon combines a fitness and hiking pole ALL-IN-ONE!

You can choose between using the built-in resistance when walking with the poles and focus on strength and weight loss gains, or the locking mechanism to transform the poles into rigid/fixed hiking or trekking poles for when you want that instant support (stop).

The locking mechanism allows the pole to quickly and easily go from “resistance mode” to “hiking mode” in just a few seconds. The locking of the pole can be adjusted by twisting the turning nut so that it is secured in the middle part of the pole. This will guarantee the pole from collapsing and stay in a fixed position.

Poles come included with 6 kg upgrade kit, 2 rubber feet, and metal tips.

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