BungyPump Energy, 6 kg

Everyday exercise and weight loss, offers a more challenging workout compared to BungyPump models with 6 kg of built-in resistance.

BungyPump Energy is the perfect tool to get a full-body workout while simply walking. Activate both your upper and lower body when walking with our poles, and burn 77% more calories per step compared to regular walking.

For each step, the pole is being pressed down it gives the resistance equivalent of 6 kg.

You effectively train and improve cardio, strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. You train fitness and strength at the same time and avoid injuring or adding unnecessary strain on your knees and joints. Comparable exercise to running, swimming or using the elliptical machine. 

Poles come included with: 2 rubber feet, 2 metal tips, and 2 baskets.

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