BungyPump Pink Charity, 4 kg

Beginners, seniors, and those using it for various rehabilitation training programs.  Recommended by medical experts and extensively used in physical therapy.

BungyPump Pink Charity is the perfect tool to activate and exercise your entire body while simply walking. The 4 kg of built-in resistance is just challenging enough to activate your muscles without overstraining them, which is why this model is perfect for beginners, those recovering from an injury, or seniors.

For each step, the pole is being pressed down it gives the resistance equivalent of 4 kg.

You effectively strengthen your back and spine musculature, while you improve your own balance, coordination, and posture. Increase your blood circulation and oxygen consumption, and in turn, lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Increase your immune system and energy levels, and feel better from the inside and out.

Poles come included with: 2 rubber feet, 2 metal tips, and 2 baskets.

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