Recommended by Physiotherapists

When you subject your body to physical activity with BungyPump, it responds by strengthening muscles, tissues and bone structure to cope with the increased load. In addition, ligaments and tendons are strengthened and muscle mass is maintained or increased depending on the tempo and type of exercise. Along with increased strength and stamina comes improved posture and the strain on sensitive parts of your body, such as your back, is reduced. And on top of all that, BungyPump are really fun to use!

Get started training programs

Embarking on an active lifestyle is as simple as taking a walk—no need for complexity. Integrate BungyPump poles with their innovative built-in resistance to turn your stroll into a full-body workout.

Opt for a BungyPump model with increased resistance to elevate your walk, intensify calorie burn, and add a challenge. Alternatively, the entry-level resistance model of 4 kg is perfect for daily activation or as part of a physical therapy training program.

Rehabilitation programs for runners and golfers


Pump training stimulates in particular the muscles of the upper arm (triceps),  shoulder muscles (rotator cuff and deltoid)

and the back muscles (latissimus, serratus and  rhomboid). Stabilising muscles close to the

joints in the lumbar region are also strengthened.  The large muscles in the neck (trapezius) and

the chest with its large chest muscle (pectoralis  major) are also exercised effectively using

Bungy Pumps. Moreover, you must work actively  with your stomach muscles since you have to

fight continuously against the suspension  in the poles.