Walk your way to wellness

BungyPump is a unique training pole that has around 20 cm of inbuilt suspension.

There are several different models with a resistance between 4 and 10 kilos.

You get much more from exercising with BungyPump then you do from simply walking -

a stronger body, greater calorie consumption and better fitness.

Take your workout outdoors

  • Up to 77% increased calorie burn compared to regular walking.
  • Trains fitness and strenght at the same time.
  • Soft and gentle on your shoulders and elbow.
  • 90% of the body's muscles are activated when walking with BungyPump.
  • Can be used by everyone regardless of age, fitness and gender.
  • Praised by medical experts, used in rehabilitation.

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BungyPump products

BungyPump poles are suitable for everyone

Embarking on an active lifestyle is as simple as taking a walk—no need for complexity. Integrate BungyPump poles with their innovative built-in resistance to turn your stroll into a full-body workout.

Medicinsk expertis om BungyPump

"Those with back problems may also experience walking with BungyPump as a good option for rehabilitation since the poles activate deep stabilizing abdominal and back muscles."

Rovena Westberg

Registered Physiotherapist, Toppform Sjukgymnastik

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Technical support & repair

We have different kind of spare parts, accessories and repair kits.

You can replace resistance, you can upgrade your poles to higher resistance, you can change tips, rubber feet, etc.

All spare parts you can find in the webshop.