BungyPump Power, 10 kg

Strength training and weight loss. Those seeking a very challenging and tough workout, and wanting to build more muscles. Elite athletes (such as cross country skiers, hockey players, etc.) for off-season/dry-land training.

BungyPump Power offers a tough workout for the entire body. The high level of built-in resistance gives a much higher strength training and higher muscles activation compared to other BungyPump models.

For each step, the pole is being pressed down it gives the resistance equivalent of 10 kg. 

You will feel the results effects of the resistance right away.

BungyPump Power offers a very challenging and tough workout and is suitable for those already in good shape and want to take it to a much higher intensity level. BungyPump Power is popular among elite athletes such as cross country skiers and hockey players, for dry land training and off-season training.

Poles come included with: 2 rubber feet, 2 metal tips, and 2 baskets.

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